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Sedation Dental Services
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Oral Conscious Sedation

Sedation dentistry is an ever-growing method of calming the fears of those dealing with anxiety or phobias about dental offices or procedures. With this technique, we offer our patients the proper dose of anesthesia or medication to invoke a tranquil feeling while they are in the chair. Sometimes, this is light and very minor, and other times the designated outcome is a deep sleep. Regardless of what our patient needs, there is an option that is best suited for them.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas”, is an inhaled sedative that works by calming you quickly without putting you to sleep. It wears off quickly after the gas is removed from your system. It is used by mixing nitrous oxide with oxygen, which is administered to a patient through a small face mask that fits directly over the nose. It remains there undisturbed throughout the procedure. After it has been in your system for about five minutes or so, a euphoric feeling will spread through your body, making you feel a little bit loopy. “The giggles” are a common side effect, hence the gas’ nickname! However, and maybe more importantly, the gas takes away any pain. You will be calm and numb, a perfect combo for a trip to the dentist.

Oral (conscious) sedation is often known as moderate sedation, because it is not the heaviest sedation that we offer, but it is not as light as nitrous. This method is an orally ingested pill that is usually in the same family as Valium. It is given to you about an hour before the procedure is to take place to give it time to kick in and settle in your system. This pill will not make you fall asleep, though you will be drowsy.

You will be able to acknowledge what is going on around you so that you will be aware, but when the drug wears off, you may not remember very much. The larger the dose you are given, the heavier the sedation. If by any chance, you were to fall asleep, you could be awakened by a gentle shake rather than having to wait for the drugs to leave your system as some other methods require.

IV Sedation

At Todd Rogers Dental we bring in an anesthesiologist into the office if a patient wishes to have IV sedation. This form of sedation requires the patient to be hooked up to an IV, and a combination of drugs that block pain and provide relaxation are administered. The patient can hear verbal commands, but is in an altered state and feels no pain.
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