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Patient Testimonials

James J.

I am very satisfied with the quality work I received from Dr. Rogers and his staff. Everyone treated me as though I was the only patient they had.

I had extensive work done. I received a tooth implant. My job is such that I would only be in the area for a short time and the staff would always have time to see me. I felt very comfortable in the family environment. Everyone was courteous, considerate and friendly. I even received a loaf of homemade bread during one of my visits.

The service I received was first rate. Dr. Rogers and his staff made sure that what I wanted done is what they did. Top priority in the office was my comfort at all times, whether it's a blanket because I was cold or a CD player to use during the oral surgery.

The services I received were life changing for me. My smile now is just what I want it to be. I am very satisfied with the dental work I had done and would recommend Dr. Rogers and his staff to others.

Thank you for all you have done.

Carol L.

I had some major dental work done by Dr. Rogers and I found him to be kind and compassionate, always putting my comfort first. I'm always treated with the utmost respect by him and the staff. I am so pleased with the work he did; I look years younger and have more confidence in smiling. All my bad memories have been washed away that other dentists have created, and been replaced by only good memories thanks to Dr. Rogers.

Karla W.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service you have given me. I must say that the implant you did for me is by far the best tooth in my mouth. The implant took the place of such a bothersome tooth, and now I can feel so secure and relieved. No one sees my implant when I smile, but you and I know it is there doing it's job. It has never caused me an ounce of trouble.

I apologize for falling asleep every time I am in your dental chair. But I am always so relaxed because I know there will be no pain when you work on my teeth. You are so considerate and kind. One of the things that I like the most about your practice is that you follow up on your patients to see how they are doing. I think that is a lost art with most dentists and doctors.

I knew years ago when I became your patient that I had the very best dentist in the field. I do not mind at all that I must travel for about 8 hours to get to your office. It is really a blessing.

Thank you, Dr. Rogers and staff! Keep the world smiling. We all love you!!

Pat F.

I should have had an implant supported denture years ago. No more toothache, replacing of old crowns and unsightly teeth. Now after a painless procedure, I have a great smile!

Pat J.

I love Dr. Rogers and always recommend him to all my friends. He is honest and does only the work that needs to be done. He does not press me to have work done on teeth that don't need it.

Last winter I needed an implant and was pleased that he could extract the bad tooth and install the implant the same day. I have not had any trouble with my new implant and I am very pleased with the way it looks. His work is always thorough and accurate. Thank you so much, Dr. Rogers

Rochelle A.

My husband and I have been coming to your office for over 18 years. We have had regular cleanings and check ups; you have fixed our broken teeth, given us new crowns, root canals, teeth whitening procedures, and I had my front teeth capped. They are much prettier I might add. You are truly gifted in your abilities.

We have been very pleased with the courteous and efficient service that you and your staff have provided. We have felt very cared for and special. Your office is clean and comfortable. We feel like family when we walk through your door.

I especially appreciate the helpful and accommodating services the front desk provides, working with us on appointments and follow up appointment. Also, working with our insurance company has been very easy because the front office knows their stuff.

Dr. Rogers is probably the best dentist we have ever had. And we have had a few considering we are military gypsies. Thanks for your great service.

Gwen V.

I have been a patient of Dr. Rogers for over 16 years, and wouldn't have stayed so long if his care hadn't been consistently excellent. He also responds to me quickly every time I have had an emergency.

I would recommend Dr. Rogers and his staff to anyone who cares about their teeth.

Marcela C.

I wanted to thank you all for helping make my first visit to your office so wonderful! Everyone was so genuine and sincere!

I am so excited to have such a great team taking care of my smile. Best wishes!

Dawn L.

I wanted to thank you, Dr. Rogers, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to see me this past week when my dentures broke. You have no idea what an unexpected blessing you are to me. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. It has been a pleasure being your patient these past 2 weeks and I look forward to many more ahead. God Bless You !

Kim U.

My family and I have never been more pleased with a dentist and his staff! Our quest for dental care occurred about 7 years ago when we moved to the Colorado Springs area and led us to Dr. Rogers. All prior dental experiences for one of our sons in particular had not been positive. However, as we were leaving Dr. Rogers' office after our initial visit, both of our sons could hardly contain voicing their words of acclamation, with comments like, "Mom, I will go back there ANYTIME! I like everyone there, especially the hygienist and Dr. Rogers." Both of them had been kind, gentle and explained in detail what to expect during the cleaning, x-ray procedure and exam. We have all had additional procedures done besides regular examinations and with each time, have been pleased with the outcome.

The entire staff is personable, compassionate and treats us each time as though we are their only patients of the day. I always enthusiastically recommend Dr. Rogers to anyone seeking a dentist.

Ron H.

For nearly 13 years my wife and I have been coming to your office, Dr. Rogers, for our dental needs. From the moment we walk in the door, we are confident that you and your competent staff will make every effort to provide and friendly, positive, and comfortable dental experience. Thank you and best wishes.

LeeAnn F.

The first day I walked into your office in 1993, my hands were sweaty and my knees were shaking. That was only to make an appointment! You and your staff put me at ease right off the bat. I looked forward to my appointment.

As I must use nitrous and did not know how much (I had the same dentist for 9 years in Oregon), you took it upon yourself to call my previous dentist for the correct amount of nitrous I needed. That showed me you cared about me as a person and about my teeth.

I now have a beautiful smile. I get my teeth cleaned without nitrous now because I have total confidence in you and your staff. Thank you!

Jim W.

Dr. Rogers' new office seems to have the newest and best dental equipment available. I always feel welcome and appreciated when I am in his office. His staff is well-trained and very skilled. Dr. Rogers himself is highly skilled. He explains my dental problems so I can easily understand what needs to be done.

Thus far in my treatment plan, Dr. Rogers has not only corrected my bite to save my remaining natural teeth, but he has also performed a much needed but very difficult implant with great care and expertise.

Thank you, Dr. Rogers and staff.

Mary A.

I have had false teeth since I was 16 years old. I don't know anything else but false teeth.

I have only the bottom implants, but I have been tickled to death with them. I remember my dad peeling lots of apples for us kids to eat, but now to be able to bite into an apple is like having a burst of flavor I can't describe.

I love my new implant supported denture and would like you to know you did such a kind, gentle job. Thanks so much.

Howard G.

For dental implants, there is only one dentist...Dr. Todd Rogers! No aches...No pain!!

Fran P.

I tell everyone I know that I have found Colorado's best dentist. The office is up-to-date with the latest in dental technology and the entire staff is warm and friendly, and open to patient anxieties and concerns (and who isn't a little nervous at the dentist!) The whole approach of Dr. Rogers' practice is to provide the very best of compassionate care. And if you haven't tried the massage feature of the new chairs, you should! It's awesome!

The highest recommendation is not high enough. Dr. Rogers almost makes gong to the dentist a pleasure.

Jimmie B.

I am 75 years old and have had bad teeth most of my life. I have been to dentists in five different states and two different dentists while in the Army. I have always dreaded going to the dentist until I went to Dr. Todd Rogers, who placed an implant supported denture. He and his staff do wonderful work and are like family, making it where I even look forward to my appointments. If you have bad teeth, implants are the way to go and Dr. Rogers is the one to do the surgery.

Darlene M.

God Bless you....Yes, Yes, Yes, I can eat every and anything my little heart desires with my new implant supported denture. Before that, I couldn't even bite into a hamburger or lettuce. Everything had to be cut up in small pieces or I could only eat very soft foods. I thought that was the way the rest of my life was going to be lived.

Then I read about the procedure Dr. Rogers was doing. I am a very happy camper. Also, thank you for the wonderful treatment your staff shows me when I come in. Thank you, and again, God Bless all of you.

Mary Ellen G.

Thank you so much for taking time from your vacation to relieve my husband's dental pain! We really appreciate you, and also for calling this morning to see how he is doing!!

My husband constantly comments on how wonderful solid food tastes now.

Shyrlene B.

Many thanks to you, Dr. Rogers, and your staff, for the dental "TLC" you've given our family over the years. Since our move to Colorado Springs several years ago from living overseas, you've helped us all get back into excellent dental health. My boys actually love going to the dentist because they can count on friendly faces, gentle treatment, helpful advice, and of course, fun goodies bags!

I couldn't be happier with the crowns you replaced on my two front teeth. They turned out as close to perfect as humanly possible: straight, even, smooth and white. I still find myself admiring them in the mirror after I brush my teeth! On a recent trip to visit my extended family, many of them noticed my new teeth right away and complimented me on how nice they look. You and your technician did an outstanding job creating them, giving expert attention to every detail. Your meticulousness has certainly paid off because they look great!

I also appreciate the extra efforts of your staff in helping me through my unique sensitivity to tooth whitening treatments. They gave me special products and helpful suggestions, and even made several phone calls to my home to check up on me. Their efforts demonstrated the genuine interest and concern your office staff has for your patients.

I know families moving into the Colorado Springs area have many dentists to choose from, but I whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone searching for a new dentists. Many thanks for making dental appointments a pleasant experience for our family. We look forward to our next visit.
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