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Oral Cancer Screenings
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Logo for the Identafi 3000 Ultra used for oral cancer screenings at Todd Rogers Dental in Colorado Springs, COIn our continual desire to offer the most advanced and proactive dental care available, we offer Identafi 3000 ultra cancer screening. Simple and painless, the test takes less than 3 minutes. In conjunction with an oral exam by Dr. Rogers, the instrument is used to identify any areas of abnormal tissue growth. This procedure significantly enhances other traditional oral cancer detection methods.

Oral Cancer: The Silent Killer

One American dies each hour from oral cancer, a statistic that has changed little in the past 40 years. And the rate of oral cancer has increased by nearly 6% according to the American Cancer Society. Often, oral cancer is discovered too late to allow treatment that is effective. This results in serious disfigurement, reduction in the quality of one's life, and even death. The good news is that early detection has a 90% cure rate!

The Statistics Are Alarming!

Of the cancers we hear about the most (cervical cancer, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, laryngeal cancer, and skin cancer), the death rate for oral cancer is higher than any of the above.

•  The Oral Cancer rate is 3 times greater in the US than cervical cancer.
•  Elderly patients and men above the age of 45 are in the highest risk factor for developing oral cancer.
•  With the incidence rate at 1/3 higher than whites, men of African ancestry are at an especially high risk in all age groups, and have a mortality rate nearly twice as high.
•  Early diagnosis is critical in reducing the high mortality rate associated with oral cancer.

When Do I Get Screened?

When you come in for your regular six-month checkup, we will perform a screening at that time. However, that is not the only time that we can. If you are worried about your risk or know that you have an increased risk (such as for hereditary reasons), we can perform this screening as regularly as you need. The sooner that we can catch the problem, the more effective treatment will be. We want your odds to be in your favor!

What is Involved in a Screening?

We find that some of our patients tend to be nervous coming for a screening simply because they do not know what to expect. Will it hurt? Does it take long? What happens if I have it? These are completely valid and understandable questions. First and foremost, it does not hurt, and should not take much more than about five minutes unless a problem is spotted. We will do a visual examination of your mouth and explore via palpitation as well. We will be looking for lesions and sores that do not heal as well as patches of discoloration (usually white or red), strange lumps that we can see or feel, or abnormalities of any other kind.

If we are concerned, we may do a biopsy to see if the cells we found are normal or malignant. If you are found to have an issue, it may be a small removable benign cyst which is not a problem. If you do have cancer, however, you will likely work with us in conjunction with an oncologist to formulate the proper treatment plan, whether it is a removal surgery or radiation treatment.

Todd Rogers Dental wants to make your health last, and the best ways that we can do this is acting with preventative measures and early diagnoses. Oral cancer can be deadly, but with proper care and a little bit of luck, we can have you well on your way to remission. For this reason, be sure to come in regularly. Call us to set up an appointment today!
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