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Dental Crowns
Colorado Springs, CO

Rendering of a porcelain dental crown at Todd Rogers Dental in Colorado Springs, CO.There are a number of reasons that one may want or require a crown over their tooth. Here at Todd Rogers Dental, we can help you to decide whether one is an option (or necessary) for you. The use of crowns can be both restorative and cosmetic depending on the purpose and context in which they are used. Crowns are a great option regardless of their original purpose.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a small “cap” of sorts that is permanently adhered to the surface of a tooth. It may be needed for several different reasons, the first of which is as a restorative procedure. After a large filling is put in place or a patient undergoes a root canal, they may require a crown to retain the structural integrity of their tooth. Otherwise, it would be incredibly susceptible to further damage. It is also used for teeth that are severely worn down or have broken. Crowns are also a great measure for if you are in need of a bridge, as they are secure and can hold it in place. If you have no tooth there at all, these can also be used to replace teeth entirely if you have an implant installed.

For a cosmetic procedure, it may be used to cover and disguise a severely discolored or misshapen tooth that is otherwise healthy. It can also be used for other cosmetic modifications depending on individual needs.

Varieties of Crowns

There are a wide variety of materials with which we can make a crown. Some of the more popular options include:
•  Metals such as gold and other alloys, generally used in back molars that cannot be seen since the metals can withstand the bite force there
•  Metal with a porcelain overlay, providing cosmetic appeal and strength combined
•  All resin
•  All porcelain

Each of these options has their appeal, and we can help you to decide which is the best option for your individual needs and budget.

The Dental Crown Process

Getting a crown takes two appointments. The first is generally for preparing the tooth. This can mean taking off some of the enamel to make room for the artificial piece or if the tooth is broken can mean the application of a filling material to build it up so that the crown can be supported. This is all done with a local anesthetic. This is when an impression will be made so that the crown will fit the tooth exactly and will go along with your bite pattern. Then you will be given a temporary crown to protect the tooth for the next two to three weeks while your permanent tooth is being made. When you come back for your permanent crown, we will be able to make any final adjustments before permanently securing the crown to your tooth.

Todd Rogers Dental hopes that you will come to us for your crown needs. You will be in knowledgeable and capable hands, and we will make sure that you leave satisfied with the outcome of your new tooth. To find out if you are a good candidate for crowns, give us a call and set up a consultation today.
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