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How Even One Missing Tooth Can Alter the Aesthetics of Your Face

Posted on 1/25/2020 by Dr. Todd Rogers
How Even One Missing Tooth Can Alter the Aesthetics of Your FaceThere are many ways for your facial aesthetic to change, including changes in weight or the natural aging process. However, there is an unnatural and undesirable cause of changes to the appearance of your face: tooth loss.

This is a reason for an altered facial aesthetic that is harder to accept than natural processes, as it could have been avoided in the first place. Therefore, tooth loss not only affects how your face looks, but can also lower your confidence and willingness to smile - especially if you're beating yourself up about the reasons for your tooth loss.

How Does Tooth Loss Cause Changes to Your Face?

Tooth loss first and foremost affects the shape of your mouth because your teeth are structural support for your lips. Although several missing teeth will cause immediate and drastic changes in the shape of your mouth, it only takes one missing tooth to cause significant aesthetic changes over time. This is especially true for older people who have less tone and elasticity in the skin and muscles of their face.

Additionally, your body is constantly renewing bone tissue in your mouth, which needs to be exercised to maintain its density and shape. Sites where there are missing teeth are not receiving the necessary chewing forces to keep tissues healthy and strong. Instead, they become fragile and porous, causing loss of bone structure that supports facial skin and muscles, collapsing your lips and mouth inward.

Solutions for a Missing Tooth

Whether you have one missing tooth or multiple ones, there are highly effective treatments that are safe and can restore a more natural look to your face. Dental implants and dental bridges are the most prevalent solutions for missing teeth, both of which can improve your facial aesthetic.

Even one missing tooth will soon change the look of your face, but dental restorations can help you regain a natural look. Contact our office for more information about ways to prevent your missing teeth from causing further cosmetic problems.
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