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Why You Need to Always Brush Before Going to Sleep

Posted on 12/25/2019 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Why You Need to Always Brush Before Going to SleepThere is a whole process that goes on inside your mouth when you sleep. By understanding the process, you can better protect your mouth. By brushing and flossing followed by some fluoride mouthwash. It can set you up for a healthy mouth during your night of sleep.

You and Your Mouth at Night

When you are sleeping there are many different things that can happen. If you have a stuffy nose you may breathe through your mouth more. This can dry your mouth out causing you do get cavities and be at a higher risk of issues. If you eat something that has acidic ingredients or contains sugar, it starts the process of demineralizing your teeth.

This is when the acidic pH in your mouth reaches a level that is optimal for bacteria to grow. Something as simple as sipping on a diet or regular soda can boost the pH level to a harmful level for hours after you fall asleep. By cleaning your mouth out before bed, you allow it to reach a healthy level for remineralization. This is where saliva is able to bring minerals to your teeth and protect and repair them.

Healthy Routine at Night

Drinking a cup of fluoride tap water will allow you to raise the pH to a healthy level. Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash will allow you to remove any food particles that bacteria can use to convert to plaque. You can then seal your teeth with some fluoride that aids in their repair throughout the evening. The idea is to clear your mouth out from anything harmful that can be converted to acid or is acidic already.

If you are waking up with that fuzzy feeling on your teeth or the feeling of a layer of smooth feeling film. There is something going on that allows bacteria to eat away at your teeth. Contact our office for an appointment to discuss what is happening and we can help find a solution.
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