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Signs Your Tooth is Fractured

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Signs Your Tooth is FracturedFractured teeth can be very painful and present ongoing dental problems if left unchecked. Fractured teeth can become infected, causing long-term problems like gum disease and uneven bites.

It is important to get fractured teeth repaired as quickly as possible because of the problem they can present.

Fractured teeth can be caused by a variety of problems. Some of these problems stem from poor dental hygiene. When someone does not floss, brush, and receive regular teeth cleanings, bacteria can grow eventually leading to the deterioration of teeth. As teeth deteriorate, they can become more fragile and be more susceptible to fracturing due to pressure or eating hard foods like candy.

Another cause of fractured teeth is physical damage. Sometimes it is possible to sustain a blow to your teeth that is strong enough to break the teeth. In this case, it will be very evident the cause of the problem. If this is the cause of the fractured tooth, there are no immediate threats to infection from bacteria, but given enough time, the sufferer of the injury will not be able to conduct proper dental hygiene which may cause bacteria buildup in the mouth eventually leading to more serious dental problems.

How to Know if a Tooth Is Fractured?

The easiest way to recognize a fractured tooth is to simply look at the tooth in question. If the tooth exhibits an abnormal shape, it could be possible that it is damaged. However, not in every circumstance is it possible to see the tooth fracture and it may be difficult to tell. Another common symptom of a fractured tooth is pain located in a specific region of the mouth. Since the teeth surrounding the fractured tooth are in good condition, the pain should be easy to pinpoint to a specific tooth. Finally, a fractured tooth can make it difficult to eat, especially when the foods are either hot or cold.

If you have continual tooth pain, it is important to come see us for an evaluation. We will be able to identify a fractured tooth easily and will be able to help you on your road to recovery. We will also be able to suggest ways to fix your fractured tooth, which will stop further damage to your teeth. Please give us a call and schedule an appointment if you think you might have a fractured tooth.
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