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Missing Dental Appointments Can Lead to Missing Teeth

Posted on 7/20/2019 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Missing Dental Appointments Can Lead to Missing TeethRegular dental exams are one of the best ways to avoid missing teeth. When you come in for regular exams, we check not only your teeth but also your gums and the rest of your oral cavity.

Your life is not static. You get older, you can develop health conditions that require medication, you may get pregnant or you can have life situations that cause you stress. All of these things can affect your oral health and anything that affects your oral health adversely can lead to missing teeth.

When you come in for regular checkups, we can see problems that may develop into a situation that will cause tooth loss. The advantage of this is that most of the time we can correct the problem before you lose any teeth. But to help you, we need your help as well. When you come in for a visit let us know if anything in your life has changed. This can point us in the direction we need to go to prevent tooth loss.

What Situations Cause Tooth Loss?

Let's start with stress as that is a common problem. Stress can cause you to grind or clench your teeth when you are sleeping, which can damage the tissues that hold your teeth in place. If you let us know we will specifically look for signs of this behavior. Since it happens when you sleep you may not realize you are doing it, but we can tell by the wear patterns on your teeth.

If you develop osteoporosis, you should let us know. Though it is normally associated with broken bones, it can also damage the bones in your jaw that support your teeth. In addition, some medications can cause your teeth to come loose. If you are taking any medications let us know.

The bottom line is that when you have your regular exam, let us know if anything has changed with your health or your life since your last visit. We aren't being nosy; we are just trying to give you the best treatment we can to help you prevent problems in the future.

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