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Ways to Tell Your Tooth is Dying and Needs Immediate Treatment

Posted on 5/15/2019 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Ways to Tell Your Tooth is Dying and Needs Immediate TreatmentIf your tooth is dying, then it definitely needs immediate treatment. However, not many people know when their tooth is dying. This is something that can cause problems because if you do not seek immediate attention with a dying tooth, you could end up losing the tooth. This is not something that anyone wants when they would like to keep their teeth.

Does Your Tooth Need Immediate Treatment?

There are numerous experiences that a person can go through depending on the reason for the dying tooth and the person themselves. Due to this, if you experience something that is not normal, it is always important to speak with our office regarding the issues you're having. It may or may not be an emergency.

A dying tooth can range in pain from extremely painful to feeling nothing at all. When the tooth goes numb, this could mean that the nerves and other parts of the tooth have already died and the blood vessels running to the tooth are no longer providing the necessary blood flow. Usually, when the tooth is dying, you will notice that it does hurt, and an infection and abscess will form because of the dying nerves.

This is an infection that we have to treat before it becomes too bad. A root canal should be done or pulling of the tooth to remove the infection before it spreads anywhere else in the body. This is an emergency situation that needs to be treated by us.

Reach Out to Us if You Need Dental Help

If you have any of these symptoms or others, give our office a call today and see how we can help you with the tooth issues you're having. We can recommend the best course of action for the issue and help you keep the affected tooth. Call us today to schedule an appointment to meet with our professional dentists.
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