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Dangers of Brushing Right after Eating or Drinking Something Acidic

Posted on 4/20/2019 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Dangers of Brushing Right after Eating or Drinking Something AcidicThis may sound shocking, but brushing immediately after eating something acidic is one of the worst things that you can do for your teeth.

Your enamel serves an important role in protecting your teeth, acting as a shield to ward off acid and bacteria. Unfortunately, brushing immediately after you eat or drink something acidic can actually damage the enamel and the integrity of the tooth.

The Dangers of Acid on the Enamel

When it comes to the enamel, acid is its greatest weakness. When you eat or drink something acidic, the pH balance of the mouth is compromised. As the balance tips to become more acidic, a harmful demineralization process starts. Acids attack the enamel, causing the surface of the teeth to soften. Fissures temporarily form, and harmful bacteria can move in to wreak havoc.

How Brushing Impacts the Acid Attack

Immediately after eating or drinking acidic foods and beverages, your teeth are the most susceptible to damage. Should you brush your teeth while they are in this weakened state, you will actually cause even more damage. The abrasive nature of the brushing motion can harm the enamel and will allow more acid and bacteria to seep into the pores. Over time, this could cause the enamel to wear away.

Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

We recommend that you wait at least 30-60 minutes after eating or drinking before you brush your teeth. Instead, rinse out your mouth with water, and then chew a piece of sugar-free gum. These steps can boost saliva production, which can help to restore the pH level in your mouth back to normal.

Sadly, once your enamel is gone, it is gone for good, so it is important that you care for your teeth properly today. To learn more about how to properly care for your teeth or prevent enamel erosion, please call our office.
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