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Signs Your Pain Comes from a Cracked Tooth

Posted on 3/15/2019 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Signs Your Pain Comes from a Cracked ToothWhen your teeth and gums are in good shape you shouldn't have problems with pain in your mouth. If you do, it could be related to your sinuses or nasal passages and not from your mouth at all.

Regular dental checkups can detect potential problems that can cause you pain in your mouth. We can frequently detect potential problems before they are serious enough to cause you pain.

Unfortunately, there are many types of pain that can originate in your mouth. Some are specific to a particular dental condition while others can relate to several different problems. Tooth pain comes in many forms.

A Cracked Tooth Can Lead to Lots of Different Types of Pain

You can experience sensitivity to heat or cold. You may experience sharp pain that is intermittent, or the pain can be constant. Other types of pain can be throbbing pain that also involves swelling of the mouth or gums. Sometimes you only experience pain when you eat, and other pain may only be felt in the back of your jaw.

The type of pain you experience, how long it lasts, how frequently it occurs and if it only occurs at certain times, like eating, can help us isolate the cause more easily and be able to more quickly find and correct the problem.

What Type of Problems Can You Expect if You Have a Cracked Tooth?

A cracked tooth can cause several different types of pain. If you find you are becoming sensitive to heat, such as drinking coffee or hot tea, that could be a sign of a small crack in your tooth. Pain when you eat can also be caused by a cracked tooth. The pain would originate from the pressure you place on the weakened tooth.

In our experience, people frequently wait until they are experiencing chronic pain before they bother making an appointment. If you are experiencing pain, even if it comes and goes, contact us for further information and assistance.
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