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When Does a Dental Chip Need to Be Addressed?

Posted on 12/25/2018 by Dr. Todd Rogers
When Does a Dental Chip Need to Be Addressed?Dental chips can be an unwelcome and traumatize issue, and your first instinct may be to push it off and deal with it later. How long should you put off addressing your chipped tooth?

Urgent Care

The immediate answer is that you should get your chipped tooth treated promptly by us. Please read on.

Dental chips can lead to more serious issues, such as bacterial infection sneaking into the newly formed damage site and spreading throughout your mouth – not just your teeth, but also your gums and roots. If left unattended for too long, the bacteria can even get into the bone structure of your jaw, leading to more permanent and severe repercussions.

In the case of injury, a chip may be a sign of more severe damage than immediately observed. To make sure that you don't have a loose or disconnected tooth, or damage to your gums, or damage to the surrounding teeth, you should be seen and treated promptly for the one that is chipped. They are not just a problem in their own right, however.

Especially when there is no apparent source of injury or trauma, they can oftentimes be a sign of a more pressing underlying issue that has gone unobserved until now. If your mouth has cavities, for example, they attack the pulp of the tooth, slowly killing off the nerves and connective tissue. This continues until the entire tooth is dead, at which point it begins to chip and shatter under normal usage conditions, seemingly for no reason.

If you have recently chipped a tooth, or fear that you may have other oral health issues that need addressing, it is vital that you reach out to us to discuss the treatment and care options available to you.

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