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When Acidic Drinks Are Part of Your Regular Diet, It Can Cause Lasting Damage

Posted on 12/15/2018 by Dr. Todd Rogers
When Acidic Drinks Are Part of Your Regular Diet, It Can Cause Lasting DamageDelicious, energizing, and addictive are a few words commonly used to describe sodas, juices, and other acidic drinks. Should unhealthy, irresponsible, and harmful be added to that list?

Energy Erosion

Many sparkling drinks that make you feel good, such as energy drinks, sodas, even certain wines, wear away at your teeth, particularly the calcium needed to keep them strong and healthy. Having thinner teeth can lead to cracks and chips, toothaches and jaw pain, and increase your risk of avoidable dental issues.

Furthermore, this erosion is unattractive – even with otherwise proper care, your teeth will naturally yellow as the underlying dentin is exposed and may even turn transparent if worn down enough. This is on top of the rounded and indented look that your teeth will acquire as more and more enamel is acid-washed away.

Compound Cavities

Even worse, the natural sugars in many of these drinks (and even the lower calorie alternatives) can combine with the acidic beverage's erosive potential to raise your likelihood of developing cavities.

As if that weren't enough, the sugars used by those bacteria to harm your mouth, then get broken down into acid – which cyclically wears away your teeth, making you even more likely to develop cavities and tooth decay, which generates more sugar to be broken down into acid...

PH Pains

If you are lucky enough to avoid the worst repercussions of acidic drinks, you still aren't safe from all of them. Even if your teeth are in healthy condition otherwise, the continued, often invisible wear on your teeth each time you imbibe can file away at your teeth over time.

As the enamel wears down, your teeth will become painfully more sensitive, not just to acidity, but to sweetness, cold, heat, and other formerly enjoyable aspects of the foods and drink you take in.

If you must continue to drink acidic beverages, it is recommended that you enjoy them with meals, and rinse them down with water. Both will dilute the acidity. Using a straw can help avoid letting the acid splash against your teeth, and if you absolutely cannot go without another can of pop, wait at least thirty minutes before brushing your teeth afterwards, to keep the now-softened enamel from being filed away.

Please reach out to us immediately for compassionate treatment if you suspect that the acidic drinks you've been enjoying are destroying your smile and causing you pain – don't settle for “basic" care!
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