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Dangers of Hard Bristled Toothbrushes

Posted on 8/25/2018 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Dangers of Hard Bristled ToothbrushesThere are different types of toothbrush bristles. Hard bristled toothbrushes (a.k.a. firm-bristled brushes) are those that have a hard texture.

Just how hard these are will depend on the brand you buy. Most dentists will say that you shouldn't use hard bristled toothbrushes, even going so far as to call them "dangerous."

Why you Shouldn't use Hard Bristle Toothbrushes

Recently, Monographs in Oral Science found that there are various factors that can harm your teeth and gums when you brush them. They found this was particularly true of hard bristle toothbrushes, which is why many companies no longer manufacture them.

These toothbrushes also aren't very comfortable to use. Ultimately, they can damage your gums, the surface of your teeth's roots, and the protective enamel on your tooth itself.

Another study was conducted in 2015 by the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. They investigated the harmful effects of hard bristle toothbrushes in specific. They labeled this "traumatic tooth brushing" and their goal in this study was to determine what effect this would have on a person's oral health.

In doing so, they discovered that these toothbrushes negatively impacted a person's gums in specific. They did this by causing gum recession and lesions on a person's gums. This was further exacerbated by how the person brushed and how often they did so.

Choosing the Right Toothbrush

When you brush your teeth incorrectly, it will negatively affect them. However, the opposite is also true: using a good toothbrush coupled with high-quality toothpaste will clean the bacteria and plaque away from your teeth.

This is important because otherwise they can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. With this in mind, make it a point to talk to us about your toothbrush the next time you're in our office. Schedule an appointment to make this and your routine cleaning happen soon.
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