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Taking Your Oral Health Seriously Matters

Posted on 6/13/2018 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Diabetes Todd Rogers Dental CO 80920-1089Taking your oral health seriously matters as much as taking care of your physical health. The staff at our office is ready to help keep you healthy and with bi-annual check-up we can prevent and identify any underlying issues.

Heart Disease

There was a time when a visit to the dentist's only purpose was to fill a cavity and get your teeth cleaned. With scientific advances and the modernization of oral health your dentist, with the help of your oral hygienist, can help identify serious health conditions, such as heart disease.

Gum disease and heart disease are intricately related and according to some studies, 91-percent of patients who have heart disease also have periodontal disease, an inflammation of the gums. If periodontitis goes untreated, you could be at risk of having more serious heart problems.


The connection between gum disease and diabetes is the strongest, according to several studies. The belief is that the inflammation starts in the gums and this prevents the body from controlling sugar levels.


If you don't get regular checkups, and are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, we recommend a thorough periodontal examination. Some studies have concluded that there could be a connection between gum inflammation and fetus development.


If you take your oral health seriously, not smoking is one of the best decision you can make. Smoking puts you at a greater risk of having gum disease, among other issues.

Taking your oral health seriously matters and in the past 10 years, physicians have focused more on their patients' overall health, which includes regular dental checkups.

A recent study concluded that people who suffer from serious gum disease were 40-percent more likely to have another chronic health condition. If you haven't visited us recently, please schedule your appointment as soon as possible!
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