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How Long Does Flossing Usually Take

Posted on 4/10/2018 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Flossing Todd Rogers Dental CO 80920-1089When you start flossing after you haven't done so before, you may notice that your gums will bleed a bit. However, this is something that will stop after a few days.

This is why dentists say it's never too late to start flossing, even if you've never flossed before in your life.

How Long Does Flossing Usually Take

One question you may have when you start flossing is about how long it'll take you. This is a good question since you can actually floss too much. When you do so, you'll seriously irritate and damage your gum tissue.

While you may do this because you're overly concerned about your dental hygiene, you're doing more damage than good. In fact, the more you floss each day, the more likely you'll irritate your gums.

According to the American Dental Association, you should spend about two minutes flossing your teeth at least once daily, so you have good results - optimal oral health and no signs of gum disease. Additionally, it should take you another two or three minutes to brush your teeth.

In total, you should spend about 5 minutes brushing your teeth. This will equate to 10 minutes out of your day, which is only a small "price" to pay for a good set of teeth that will last you a lifetime.

Since we can tell whether you're spending the time to floss your teeth, you shouldn't feel like you can skip this important step in maintaining good oral hygiene. We'll notice that 40% of your tooth surface isn't cleaned and that your gums are inflamed.

This equates to more work for us and longer time for you in the dental chair. To avoid this, you'll want to get some tips from us about the best practices for flossing your teeth and maintaining a healthy smile.
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