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Why You Should Always Store Your Toothbrush Inside a Cabinet

Posted on 3/27/2018 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Toothbrush Todd Rogers Dental CO 80920-1089Where do you currently store the toothbrush you use to brush twice each day? Is it out on the counter of your bathroom, or perhaps in a drawer? What you want to do is make sure you store your toothbrush inside of a closed and covered cabinet.

That is the only way to minimize how much debris your toothbrush collects between uses. If you leave it out, you never know what you might be putting in your mouth when you brush.

What Can Fly Around Your Bathroom?

Dust is mainly made up of skin cells that fell off of the body. In the bathroom, you disrobe prior to showering, then dry off, exposing your bathroom to a lot of dust. Plus, you use the toilet. Each time that toilet flushes, it sends out a very fine mist of particles made up of the water that was in the toilet as it flushed.

All of these items can then float around the room for a moment, before beginning their descent onto whatever surface is below them.

If your toothbrush is what happens to be below those particles as they fall, they will stick. This means that you may be putting water from the toilet or dead skin in your mouth each time you try and brush your teeth.

When you use a cabinet to store your toothbrush, you prevent a lot of those particles from ever getting to your toothbrush. Some can still get in by your toothbrush when the cabinet is open or if there are gaps, but far fewer of them will ever reach your toothbrush.

If you want tips on how to make sure your toothbrush is sanitary and ready for use, ask us the next time you come in for a cleaning and dental exam.
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