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Why Wisdom Teeth Typically Need to Come Out

Posted on 3/17/2018 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Wisdom Teeth Todd Rogers Dental CO 80920-1089There are many people who believe that getting wisdom teeth is a rite of passage into adulthood. They hear all of their peers going through it and expect it to happen. The truth is, it only happens some of the time.

Some people have plenty of room for their wisdom teeth to erupt, while others have no problems with their wisdom teeth that would require extraction.

For those who do not have the right amount of room, or who do need their wisdom teeth to come out, there is nothing to worry about.

Getting Wisdom Teeth Extracted

You have options when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction. You can come in and see us, and we may be able to do the procedure if the teeth are healthy enough to come out simply. However, if they are at odd angles or have started to decay, we may refer you to an oral surgeon.

Either way, we will help monitor your wisdom teeth and help you decide if they need extraction, or if they are able to stay right where they are.

Plus, we can also help you during and after the extraction process. It is a simple procedure, and you will begin feeling better within just a few hours of having the procedure done. By a few days later, you will feel back to normal, and be able to go about your normal routine with minimal effects.

Wisdom teeth only typically need to come out when they do not fit or start to decay due to how far back in your mouth they are located. If you are not sure what should happen with your wisdom teeth, call us and set up an appointment. We can examine your mouth, and give you our professional opinion about what should come next.
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