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Dry Mouth is Dangerous for Your Teeth, Here Is Why

Posted on 2/17/2018 by Dr. Todd Rogers
Dry Mouth Todd Rogers Dental CO 80920-1089Dry mouth can cause a number of problems inside the mouth. Not only can this cause problems with chewing, swallowing and tasting but also breathing.

When the mouth is not moist, it can provide a lot of problems for the throat, nose and mouth as one. Sometimes when it is dry, the ears may also be affected depending on the reason for it being dry.

Dental Warnings of a Dry Mouth

When you suffer from dry mouth, not only does this cause the taste buds to not be able to taste much, but it can also cause problems with dry breath because the mouth does not have the anti-bacterial properties that come from the saliva.

Saliva can help to digest food because it has enzymes in it that break the food down and provide you with a way to easily digest it once you swallow, which is also aided by saliva. When it comes to protecting teeth from decay, saliva can also ensure that you have this done as well.

It brings a lot of healing properties to the inside of the mouth, as well, since it comes with anti-bacterial properties that cleanse and help the mouth heal.

Dry mouth can cause the person to actually lose their teeth, which is never a good thing. Getting your saliva production under control is highly recommended for the best dental results. Make sure your mouth is healthy and moist so you don't have to worry about bad breath, decay or tooth loss.

Speak with us here if you want to talk about the saliva production that you have. Too much or too little might be a bad thing and there are ways to correct the amount of saliva you have in your mouth, regardless of how much is there. Give us a call and we can help you learn more!
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