Dental Hygiene Tips for College Students

college studentCollege students have enough to worry about without dental problems. Here are a few simple, easy steps to maintain healthy, attractive teeth during those hectic college years:

  • Drink carbonated soft drinks and sweetened liquids in moderation.

  • Regularly swish out your mouth with water to dilute sugar and acid.

  • Never consume soft drinks or sugary snacks at bedtime.

  • Use a remineralizing toothpaste with a high fluoride content such as Sensodyne ProNamel™, Crest ProHealth™ or Arm & Hammer Dental Care Advanced Cleaning™.

  • Do not brush your teeth for at least an hour after consuming acidic beverages or other drinks or foods that can erode your teeth's enamel.

  • Avoid habits that can erode your teeth's enamel, such as sipping, swishing or holding drinks in the mouth.

  • Get regular dental cleanings to remove plaque build-up.

  • If you eat sweets, have them with your meals (as opposed to throughout the day) to reduce number of acid attacks upon your teeth.

  • Regularly use products containing Xylitol™ (a natural sugar substitute) to inhibit proliferation of oral bacteria.