Resin Composite Fillings

Resin composite fillings are made from tooth-colored plastics mixed with a glass-like silver dioxide particles, that are tooth colored and look completely natural. Composite fillings are mercury-free, Bio-compatible and bond securely to the tooth.

We use only composite resin fillings in our office rather than the older amalgam, silver fillings. Amalgam fillings do not bond to the tooth (as composite fillings do) and can leak around the fillings, causing further decay.

The Process

After the materials are prepared, Dr. Rogers places the composite on the tooth in layers and then uses a special light to harden the material. When the application process is complete, he shapes the composite to perfectly fit the tooth, and polishes the area to make it more stain resistant and durable.

Advantages of Resin Composite Fillings

Composite fillings have several distinct advantages over other types of fillings:

  • Because highly experienced dentists such as Dr. Rogers have the skill to blend composite resins to perfectly match the actual tooth’s color, teeth repaired with composite fillings look very natural.
  • Composites bond strongly to the remaining tooth structure. This helps to prevent breakage and insulate the tooth from excessive temperature changes.